While completing the registration form, students will choose from a variety of classes. While class offerings are subject to change based on student registration and teacher availability, check out what we are currently planning to offer!

Nobu Yasuda will lead a conducting class. You can learn what all the gestures and motions mean and how to effectively lead an ensemble without words! Will you be inspired enough to start conducting your own small ensemble?

Jazz Fiddling
Bill Eisenbarth, our camp director and Kevin McInerney will our bass specialist will present jazz fiddling and jazz bass using different styles of string jazz playing. Fiddling can be done on any string instrument played with a bow and is most commonly done with the violin. You won't want to miss the fiddling fun!

Improvisation can be a very important part of playing in ensemble and can be a ton of fun in groups or playing solo! Veteran trumpeter, renown composer and teacher, Bill Simon, will lead this class that will spark an improv interest in you! All instruments are welcome!

Music Markings, Intonation, and Effective Practicing
Have you ever wondered what all those symbols in your music mean? Maybe you know what they mean but not how to properly play them? Do you wonder how to get a better, more accurate sound out of your isntrument? Do you ever wonder what to do during your practice time, or how to even get started? Susan Halderman will show you how to interpret and perform music markings, get great sound, and get the most out of your practice time. Learn all about performing, including mannerisms, bowings, attire, and much, much more!